Journal article

A general few-projection method for tomographic reconstruction of samples consisting of several distinct materials

Glenn R Myers, C David L Thomas, David M Paganin, Timur E Gureyev, John G Clement



We present a method for tomographic reconstruction of objects containing several distinct materials, which is capable of accurately reconstructing a sample from vastly fewer angular projections than required by conventional algorithms. The algorithm is more general than many previous discrete tomography methods, as: (i) a priori knowledge of the exact number of materials is not required; (ii) the linear attenuation coefficient of each constituent material may assume a small range of a priori unknown values. We present reconstructions from an experimental x-ray computed tomography scan of cortical bone acquired at the SPring-8 synchrotron. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.


Funding Acknowledgements

G. R. M. acknowledges useful discussions with Dr. A. Kingston, Dr. T. Varslot, and Dr. A. Sheppard. G. R. M. acknowledges a Monash University School of Physics postgraduate publication award. C. D. L. T. acknowledges beam time at JASRI, and thanks Dr. K. Uesugi and Dr. N. Yagi. C. D. L. T. thanks Dr. C. Hall (MCSS) who was part of the team at SPring8 and a great source of advice, and the University of Melbourne for funding. D. M. P. acknowledges funding from the Australian Research Council.