Conference Proceedings

In-plane racking performance of point fixed glass facade systems

S Sivanerupan, JL Wilson, EF Gad, NTK Lam, S Fragomeni (ed.), S Venkatesan (ed.), NTK Lam (ed.), S Setunge (ed.)

21st Australian Conference on the Mechanics of Structure and Materials | CRC PRESS-TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP | Published : 2011


Point fixed glass façade system (PFGFS), also known as the spider glass system, is gaining popularity as it is the most elegant façade option among architects particularly compared to the conventional framed glass systems. The PFGFS system is fixed to the support structure at a few points only using bolts and metal clamps. PFGFS are used mostly at the ground floor level of buildings in Australia. Generally, the racking performance of these systems is not considered at the design stage. If the system does not have sufficient in-plane drift capacity it will be vulnerable to racking actions mainly during earthquakes. In this paper, previous research findings on PFGFS and connections are reviewe..

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