Conference Proceedings

Qualitative Change to 3-Valued Regions

Matt Duckham, John Stell, Maria Vasardani, Michael Worboys, SI Fabrikant (ed.), T Reichenbacher (ed.), M VanKreveld (ed.), C Schlieder (ed.)

Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Geographic Information Science, 6th International Conference, GIScience 2010 Proceedings | SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN | Published : 2010

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by EPSRC

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Future Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

The work of John Stell and Michael Worboys was supported by EPSRC (EP/F036019/1) and Ordnance Survey project Ontological Granularity for Dynamic Geo-Networks. Michael Worboys was also supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF grants IIS-0916219, IIS-0429644, IIS-0534429, and DGE-0504494. Matt Duckhams research is funded under an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (project number FT0990531).