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Validation and comparison of two methods of measuring lactate in equine plasma

P Butudom, JH Foreman, KH Kline, EL Whittem

Equine Veterinary Journal | WILEY | Published : 2010


SUMMARY: REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY: Some methods of lactate (LA) measurement have not been validated appropriately for use in horses. OBJECTIVES: To validate 2 LA analysers (YSI 2300 Stat Plus and TDx Lactic Acid Assay) for use with equine plasma and to compare plasma [LA] determined by the 2 methods. METHODS: Both instruments were evaluated for linearity, parallelism, recovery and precision using serial dilutions of standard LA solutions and equine plasma and then comparing results with linear regression or paired t tests. Plasma [LA] results were compared in 275 blood samples collected from horses exercising at various intensities using Bland-Altman analysis. Level of significance was ..

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