Conference Proceedings

Acoustic analysis of the effects of 24 hours of sustained wakefulness

Adam P Vogel, Janet Fletcher, Paul Maruff

Proceedings of the 13th Australasian International Speech Science and Technology Conference | Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association | Published : 2010


The effect of 24 hours of sustained wakefulness on the speech of healthy adults is poorly documented. Therefore, speech samples were systematically acquired (e.g., every four hours) from 18 healthy adults over 24 hours. Stimuli included automated and extemporaneous tasks, sustained vowel and a read passage. Measures of timing and frequency were derived acoustically using Praat and significant changes were observed on all tasks. The effect of fatigue on speech was found to be strongest just before dawn (after 22 hours). Key features of timing (e.g., mean pause length), frequency (e.g., F4 variation) and power (alpha ratio) changed as a function of increasing levels of fatigue. Index Terms: fa..

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