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Glucocorticoid-mediated inhibition of angiogenic changes in human endothelial cells is not caused by reductions in cell proliferation or migration.

James J Logie, Sadaf Ali, Kathryn M Marshall, Margarete MS Heck, Brian R Walker, Patrick WF Hadoke

PLoS One | Published : 2010


BACKGROUND: Glucocorticoid-mediated inhibition of angiogenesis is important in physiology, pathophysiology and therapy. However, the mechanisms through which glucocorticoids inhibit growth of new blood vessels have not been established. This study addresses the hypothesis that physiological levels of glucocorticoids inhibit angiogenesis by directly preventing tube formation by endothelial cells. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Cultured human umbilical vein (HUVEC) and aortic (HAoEC) endothelial cells were used to determine the influence of glucocorticoids on tube-like structure (TLS) formation, and on cellular proliferation (5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BrdU) incorporation), viability (ATP produ..

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