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Palaeogeographic, climatic and tectonic change in southeastern Australia: the Late Neogene evolution of the Murray Basin

Sandra McLaren, Malcolm W Wallace, Stephen J Gallagher, John A Miranda, Guy R Holdgate, Laura J Gow, Ian Snowball, Per Sandgren



The Murray Basin is a low-lying but extensive intracratonic depocentre in southeastern Australia, preserving an extraordinary record of Late Neogene sedimentation. New stratigraphic and sedimentologic data allow the long-term evolution of the basin to be re-evaluated and suggest a significant role for: (1) tectonism in controlling basin evolution, and (2) progressive and step-wise climatic change beginning in the early Pleistocene. Tectonic change is associated with regional uplift, occurring at approximately the same rate from the early Pliocene until the present day, and possibly associated with changing mantle circulation patterns or plate boundary processes. This uplift led to the defeat..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This contribution is the culmination of Australian Research Council funded project DP0558705. Roger Powell and Richard Howarth provided assistance and advice regarding the statistical treatment of strontium isotopic data and Roger Powell is thanked for the calculations and figure shown here. We are grateful to Russell Drysdale of the University of Newcastle, Australia, for oxygen isotope analysis. Strontium isotope analysis was undertaken at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Adelaide and we thank David Bruce for his careful analytical work. We are grateful to Colin Murray-Wallace and to two anonymous reviewers for their editorial comments.