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A Molecular Basis for the Exquisite CD1d-Restricted Antigen Specificity and Functional Responses of Natural Killer T Cells

Kwok S Wun, Garth Cameron, Onisha Patel, Siew Siew Pang, Daniel G Pellicci, Lucy C Sullivan, Santosh Keshipeddy, Mary H Young, Adam P Uldrich, Meena S Thakur, Stewart K Richardson, Amy R Howell, Petr A Illarionov, Andrew G Brooks, Gurdyal S Besra, James McCluskey, Laurent Gapin, Steven A Porcelli, Dale I Godfrey, Jamie Rossjohn

Immunity | CELL PRESS | Published : 2011


Awarded by NIH

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the staff at the Australian synchrotron for assistance with data collection. We also thank D. Taylor, S. Chakravarti, and K. Field for assistance. We are grateful to P. Savage for generously providing alpha-GalCer (PBS44) for CD1d tetramer loading. This work was supported by the Cancer Council of Victoria, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC), and the Australian Research Council. G.C. is supported by CRI predoctoral scholarship and L.C.S. by an NHMRC RD Wright Fellowship. SAP. was supported by NIH grant AI45889. A.R.H. was supported by NIH grant R01GM087136. L.G. is supported by NIH grants (AI076463 and AI078246) and M.H.Y. by NIH training grant T32 AI07405. D.I.G. is supported by an NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship; J.R. is supported by an ARC Federation Fellowship. S.A.P. has received payments as a consultant for Vaccinex, Inc. (Rochester, NY) for work related to the development of therapeutics based on CD1d-pretreated glycolipids.