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Expression of distinct RNAs from 3 ' untranslated regions

Tim R Mercer, Dagmar Wilhelm, Marcel E Dinger, Giulia Solda, Darren J Korbie, Evgeny A Glazov, Truong Vy, Maren Schwenke, Cas Simons, Klaus I Matthaei, Robert Saint, Peter Koopman, John S Mattick



The 3' untranslated regions (3'UTRs) of eukaryotic genes regulate mRNA stability, localization and translation. Here, we present evidence that large numbers of 3'UTRs in human, mouse and fly are also expressed separately from the associated protein-coding sequences to which they are normally linked, likely by post-transcriptional cleavage. Analysis of CAGE (capped analysis of gene expression), SAGE (serial analysis of gene expression) and cDNA libraries, as well as microarray expression profiles, demonstrate that the independent expression of 3'UTRs is a regulated and conserved genome-wide phenomenon. We characterize the expression of several 3'UTR-derived RNAs (uaRNAs) in detail in mouse em..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Australian Research Council/University of Queensland co-sponsored Federation Fellowship (FF0561986; to J.S.M.); an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant (DP0879913; to D.W.); National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia Career Development Awards (CDA631542; to M.E.D., CDA519937; to D.W.); a Queensland Government Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation Smart Futures Fellowship (to M.E.D.); the University of Milan (to G.S.). Funding for open access charge: The University of Queensland.