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Post-Early Cretaceous denudation history of the northeastern Sichuan Basin constraints from low-temperature thermochronology profiles

Yun-Tao Tian, Chuan-Qing Zhu, Ming Xu, Song Rao, Barry P Kohn, Sheng-Biao Hu

Chinese Journal of Geophysics | SCIENCE PRESS | Published : 2011


Previously reported apatite fission track (AFT) data from surface samples of the northeastern Sichuan Basin yield apparenrt ages range between 60 - 80 Ma , which as is often the case , cannot be linked directly to any obvious geological events. Thermal modeling based on those data; however, provide some constraints on the cooling history of the northeastern Sichuan Basin. However, the details of the reconstructed cooling histories reported. vary significantly. especially with regard to the timing of the latest episode of cooling. This variation can be attributed to the lack of geological constraints for modeling purposes and the limited thermal resolution of AFT thermochronology in the lower..

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