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Peptide Inhibitors of Xenoreactive Antibodies Mimic the Interaction Profile of the Native Carbohydrate Antigens

Mark Agostino, Mauro S Sandrin, Philip E Thompson, Paul A Ramsland, Elizabeth Yuriev

BIOPOLYMERS | WILEY | Published : 2011


Carbohydrate-antibody interactions mediate many cellular processes and immune responses. Carbohydrates expressed on the surface of cells serve as recognition elements for particular cell types, for example, in the ABO(H) blood group system. Antibodies that recognize host-incompatible ABO(H) system antigens exist in the bloodstream of all individuals (except AB individuals), preventing blood transfusion and organ transplantation between incompatible donors and recipients. A similar barrier exists for cross-species transplantation (xenotransplantation), in particular for pig-to-human transplantation. All humans express antibodies against the major carbohydrate xenoantigen, Galalpha (1,3)Gal (a..

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