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Performance on the Single-Leg Squat Task Indicates Hip Abductor Muscle Function

Kay M Crossley, Wan-Jing Zhang, Anthony G Schache, Adam Bryant, Sallie M Cowan

American Journal of Sports Medicine | SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC | Published : 2011


BACKGROUND: Contemporary clinical expertise and emerging research in anterior knee pain indicate that treatment of hip muscle function will result in greater effects, if such treatments can be provided to those with hip muscle dysfunction. Thus, it is imperative to develop and evaluate a clinical assessment tool that is capable of identifying people with poor hip muscle function. HYPOTHESIS: The clinical assessment of single-leg squat performance will have acceptable inter- and intrarater reliability. Furthermore, people with good performance on the single-leg squat will have better hip muscle function (earlier onset of gluteus medius activity and greater lateral trunk, hip abduction, and ex..

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