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Age-Related Differences in Plasma Proteins: How Plasma Proteins Change from Neonates to Adults

Vera Ignjatovic, Cera Lai, Robyn Summerhayes, Ulrike Mathesius, Sherif Tawfilis, Matthew A Perugini, Paul Monagle



The incidence of major diseases such as cardiovascular disease, thrombosis and cancer increases with age and is the major cause of mortality world-wide, with neonates and children somehow protected from such diseases of ageing. We hypothesized that there are major developmental differences in plasma proteins and that these contribute to age-related changes in the incidence of major diseases. We evaluated the human plasma proteome in healthy neonates, children and adults using the 2D-DIGE approach. We demonstrate significant changes in number and abundance of up to 100 protein spots that have marked differences in during the transition of the plasma proteome from neonate and child through to ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Australia funded Sherif Tawfilis' time in the initial laboratory aspects of this project, some aspects of data analysis and preparation of the manuscript. This study was funded by internal Haematology Research Team funds. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.