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Influence of housing type and age in female pigs. 1. Effects on growth performance and fat deposition and distribution in the carcasses of female Large White x Landrace pigs grown from 5.5 to 120 kg liveweight

M Trezona, BP Mullan, DN D'Souza, FR Dunshea, DW Pethick, M D'Antuono, J Speijers, JR Pluske

Animal Production Science | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2011


One hundred and sixty female Large White × Landrace pigs were obtained at 3 weeks of age, average liveweight (LW) 5.5 ± 0.08 kg, stratified on LW and allocated to four treatments in a factorial design that consisted of two housing treatments, conventional (C) or deep-litter (D), across two growth periods: early (3-13 weeks of age) and late (13-24 weeks of age). At 13 weeks of age eight pigs per treatment (n = 32) were slaughtered, and the remaining pigs (n = 128) moved to new pens where they remained until slaughter at 24 weeks of age. Moving pigs into a new housing system caused a growth reduction, as indicated by significantly lower LW (P = 0.003), compared with pigs that remained within t..

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