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Electric-field sensing using single diamond spins

F Dolde, H Fedder, MW Doherty, T Noebauer, F Rempp, G Balasubramanian, T Wolf, F Reinhard, LCL Hollenberg, F Jelezko, J Wrachtrup

Nature Physics | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2011


The ability to sensitively detect individual charges under ambient conditions would benefit a wide range of applications across disciplines. However, most current techniques are limited to low-temperature methods such as single-electron transistors , single-electron electrostatic force microscopy and scanning tunnelling microscopy . Here we introduce a quantum-metrology technique demonstrating precision three-dimensional electric-field measurement using a single nitrogen-vacancy defect centre spin in diamond. An a.c. electric-field sensitivity reaching 202 ± 6 V cm Hz has been achieved. This corresponds to the electric field produced by a single elementary charge located at a distanc..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank P. Neumann, B. Naydenov, R. Kolesov, C. Kim, P. Hemmer and S. Steinert for fruitful discussions and their advice. This work was supported by the EU (QAP, EQUIND, NEDQIT, SOLID), DFG(SFB/TR21, FOR730 and FOR1482), NIH, Baden-Wurttemberg Stiftung, BMBF (EPHQUAM, KEPHOSI), VolkswagenStiftung, and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Scheme (project ID CE110001027). T.N. wishes to thank Vienna doctoral program CoQuS(Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project W1210).