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The impacts of Sambar Cervus unicolor on the threatened Shiny Nematolepis Nematolepis wilsonii

A Bennett, G Coulson

Pacific Conservation Biology | Published : 2011


Shiny Nematolepis Nematolepis wilsonii is a small understorey tree endemic to Victoria, south east Australia. The species is listed as threatened due to its limited distribution and low abundance. The sole known population, of approximately 400 metres individuals, is located in the Yarra Ranges National Park, Victoria. Paired exclusion plots were erected to investigate the impact of antler rubbing and thrashing activities of Sambar Cervus unicolor on Shiny Nematolepis. Sambar rubbing activities removed, on average, over half the circumference of bark down to the cambium of mature trees. Rubbing damage covered a range of tree sizes, with rubbed individuals in significantly poorer health and e..

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