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A mitochondrial phylogeny of the rainforest skink genus Saproscincus, Wells and Wellington (1984).

Adnan Moussalli, Andrew F Hugall, Craig Moritz

Mol Phylogenet Evol | Published : 2005


The phylogenetic relationships and historical biogeography of 10 currently described rainforest skinks in the genus Saproscincus were investigated using mitochondrial protein-coding ND4 and ribosomal RNA 16S genes. A robust phylogeny is inferred using both maximum likelihood and Bayesian analysis, with all inter-specific nodes strongly supported when datasets are combined. The phylogeny supports the recognition of two major lineages (northern and southern), each of which comprises two divergent clades. Both northern and southern lineages have comparably divergent representatives in mid-east Queensland (MEQ), providing further molecular evidence for the importance of two major biogeographic b..

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