Journal article

Blood plasma concentrations of metabolic hormones and glucose during extended lactation in grazing cows or cows fed a total mixed ration

KK Delany, KL Macmillan, C Grainger, PC Thomson, D Blache, KR Nicholas, MJ Auldist

Journal of Dairy Science | ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC | Published : 2010


Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful to D. Mapleson, I. Robinson, R. Case, T. Hookey (Department of Primary Industries, Ellinbank, VIC, Australia) and staff at the DPI Ellinbank research farm (Ellibank, VIC, Australia) for technical assistance with cow husbandry, grazing management, and sampling procedures. This work was funded by the Department of Primary Industries, the Geoffrey Gardiner Foundation Ltd. (Melbourne, VIC, Australia), Keenan Pty Ltd. (Bendigo, VIC, Australia), the National Herd Improvement Association (Melbourne, VIC, Australia), the Co-operative Research Centre for Innovative Dairy Products (Southbank, VIC, Australia), and Dairy Australia (Southbank, VIC, Australia). Valuable input into the preparation of this manuscript was provided by L. Marett and P. Moate (Department of Primary Industries, Ellinbank, VIC, Australia).