Journal article

Class 1 integrons in benthic bacterial communities: abundance, association with Tn402-like transposition modules and evidence for coselection with heavy-metal resistance

Carly P Rosewarne, Vincent Pettigrove, Hatch W Stokes, Yvonne M Parsons

FEMS Microbiology Ecology journal | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2010

University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Kelly Ewen-White and Matthew Tinning (Roche Applied Science) for helpful discussions and technical support, Maurice Labbate (Department of Medical and Molecular Biosciences, University of Technology Sydney) for assistance with fosmid library construction, Stephen Doyle (Department of Genetics, La Trobe University) for provision of HT1080 human fibrosarcoma cells and critical review of this manuscript and Kirby Ellis for helpful discussions. This work was supported by an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant.