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Disproportionate Exercise Load and Remodeling of the Athlete's Right Ventricle

Andre La Gerche, Hein Heidbuechel, Andrew T Burns, Don J Mooney, Andrew J Taylor, Heinz B Pfluger, Warrick J Inder, Andrew I Macisaac, David L Prior

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise | LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS | Published : 2011


PURPOSE: There is evolving evidence that intense exercise may place a disproportionate load on the right ventricle (RV) when compared with the left ventricle (LV) of the heart. Using a novel method of estimating end-systolic wall stress (ES-σ), we compared the RV and LV during exercise and assessed whether this influenced chronic ventricular remodeling in athletes. METHODS: For this study, 39 endurance athletes (EA) and 14 nonathletes (NA) underwent resting cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR), maximal oxygen uptake (VO2), and exercise echocardiography studies. LV and RV end-systolic wall stress (ES-σ) were calculated using the Laplace relation (ES-σ = Pr/(2h)). Ventricular size and wall thickne..

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