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A novel cell-surface marker found on human embryonic hepatoblasts and a subpopulation of hepatic biliary epithelial cells

L Stamp, HA Crosby, SM Hawes, AJ Strain, MF Pera

Stem Cells | WILEY | Published : 2005


The nature of the cells that contribute to the repopulation of the liver after hepatic necrosis or cirrhosis remains uncertain, in part because we lack specific markers to facilitate identification and prospective isolation of progenitor cells. The monoclonal antibody GCTM-5 reacts with a minority subpopulation of cells in spontaneously differentiating cultures of pluripotent human embryonal carcinoma or embryonic stem cells. The epitope recognized by GCTM-5 is found on a 50-kDa protein present on the surface of these cells. In tissue sections of first-trimester human embryos, GCTM-5 specifically stained hepatoblasts and no other cell type examined. In normal pediatric or adult liver, GCTM-5..

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