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An in-situ monitoring system for characterizing porous silicon growth

D Wyndham, T James, G Lim, G Parish, C Musca, A Keating

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Published : 2008


The production of high quality optical devices based on porous silicon relies on having precise control over the refractive index and thickness of each porous silicon layer. Until now this has been achieved by pre-calibrating each growth system and making sure that parameters such as wafer doping, electrolyte concentration and temperature are kept constant with each fabrication. However low doped silicon required for IR based silicon photonics has significant non-uniformity in the index and growth rate during formation of the porous silicon. The solution we have developed is based on realtime in-situ monitoring of low-doped silicon during porous silicon growth. This process rapidly measures ..

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