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The Expression of MTUS1/ATIP and Its Major Isoforms, ATIP1 and ATIP3, in Human Prostate Cancer.

Simon NS Louis, Laurie TC Chow, Naghmeh Varghayee, Linda A Rezmann, Albert G Frauman, William J Louis

Cancers (Basel) | Published : 2011


Angiotensin II (Ang II), the main effector of the renin angiotensin system, acts upon two distinct transmembrane receptors, the Ang II type 1 and the type 2 (AT2-) receptor, to induce promotion and inhibition of ERK2 phosphorylation. The AT2-receptor, through an interaction with its putative signaling partner MTUS1/ATIP (AT2-receptor interacting protein), inhibits the mitogenic effects of EGF in prostate cancer cell lines representing both early and late stage disease. This is the first report on the expression of ATIP in normal and malignant human prostatic biopsies. The expression of ATIP and its major isoforms, ATIP1 and ATIP3, in normal prostatic cells and three prostate cancer cell line..

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