Journal article

The prevalence of autism in Australia. Can it be established from existing data?

Katrina Williams, Sarah MacDermott, Greta Ridley, Emma J Glasson, John A Wray

Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health | WILEY | Published : 2008


Funding Acknowledgements

The authors of the study would like to acknowledge the support of the Australian Advisory Boards on Autism Spectrum Disorders (formerly the Autism Council of Australia, Ltd) who funded this study through a grant from the Commonwealth Department of Department of Family, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA).We also wish to acknowledge the support of the following individuals and organizations who assisted in providing the data for the study;ACT: Lindy Abbott (DET), Therapy ACT; NSW: Adrien Ford & Trevor Clarke (ASPECT), Brian Smyth King (DET), Brendan O'Reilly (DADHC); NT: Carolyn Borci (DEET), Gail Bowker (TEMHS), Alison Bird (AANT); QLD: Michael Keates (DSQ), Penny Beeston & Frances Scodellaro (AQ), Andres Toro (QH); SA: Piet Crosby (DECS), Claire Wittwer-Smith (DFC), Susan Deeprose & Lyn Zeidler (IDSC), Jon Martin (ASA); TAS: Brodrick Smith (DHHS), Lynne James (DE); VIC: Geoff Riley (DET), Amanda Golding (AV), Justin McDermott (DHS); WA: David Hounsome & Anne Lawson (DSC), Val McKelvey (Cath Ed), Karen Lee Clark & Bernadette Long (DET), Susan Rosendorff (AISWA), Joan McKenna Kerr (AAWA); Centrelink: Cris Trevillian, Malinda Kirley & BI Frontdoor team: AIHW: Timothy Beard & Xing-yan Wen, and Andrew Hayen for providing advice about calculation of 95% confidence intervals.This report was presented, on invitation, to the Board of the Autism Council of Australia Ltd by one of the authors (John Wray) on September 2<SUP>nd</SUP> 2006.