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Body mass index in early adulthood and colorectal cancer risk for carriers and non-carriers of germline mutations in DNA mismatch repair genes

AK Win, JG Dowty, DR English, PT Campbell, JP Young, I Winship, FA Macrae, L Lipton, S Parry, GP Young, DD Buchanan, ME Martinez, ET Jacobs, DJ Ahnen, RW Haile, G Casey, JA Baron, NM Lindor, SN Thibodeau, PA Newcomb Show all



BACKGROUND: Carriers of germline mutations in DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes have a high risk of colorectal cancer (CRC), but the modifiers of this risk are not well established. We estimated an association between body mass index (BMI) in early adulthood and subsequent risk of CRC for carriers and, as a comparison, estimated the association for non-carriers. METHODS: A weighted Cox regression was used to analyse height and weight at 20 years reported by 1324 carriers of MMR gene mutations (500 MLH1, 648 MSH2, 117 MSH6 and 59 PMS2) and 1219 non-carriers from the Colon Cancer Family Registry. RESULTS: During 122,304 person-years of observation, we observed diagnoses of CRC for 659 carriers (..

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Awarded by National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

Awarded by NHMRC Australia


Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health under RFA #CA-95-011 and through cooperative agreements with members of the Colon CFR and Principal Investigators. Collaborating centres include Australasian Colorectal Cancer Family Registry (U01 CA097735), the USC Familial Colorectal Neoplasia Collaborative Group (U01 CA074799), Mayo Clinic Cooperative Family Registry for Colon Cancer Studies (U01 CA074800), Ontario Registry for Studies of Familial Colorectal Cancer (U01 CA074783), Seattle Colorectal Cancer Family Registry (U01 CA074794) and University of Hawaii Colorectal Cancer Family Registry (U01 CA074806). This work was also supported by a grant from NHMRC Australia (ID 400160). The content of this manuscript neither necessarily reflect the views or policies of the National Cancer Institute or any of the collaborating centres in the CFRs, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products or organisations implies endorsement by the US Government or the CFR. We had full responsibility for the design of the study, the collection of the data, the analysis and interpretation of the data, the decision to submit the manuscript for publication and the writing of the manuscript. We thank Dr Elizabeth Williamson from Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia for statistical advice. We thank all study participants of the Colon Cancer Family Registry and staff for their contributions to this project.