Journal article

Racism and health among urban Aboriginal young people

Naomi Priest, Yin Paradies, Paul Stewart, Joanne Luke



BACKGROUND: Racism has been identified as an important determinant of health but few studies have explored associations between racism and health outcomes for Australian Aboriginal young people in urban areas. METHODS: Cross sectional data from participants aged 12-26 years in Wave 1 of the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service's Young People's Project were included in hierarchical logistic regression models. Overall mental health, depression and general health were all considered as outcomes with self-reported racism as the exposure, adjusting for a range of relevant confounders. RESULTS: Racism was reported by a high proportion (52.3%) of participants in this study. Self-reported racism was ..

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Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

These results belong to the Melbourne Koori community particularly the young people and their parents who participated. We thank all young people, their parents, community members and service providers involved in the project. We acknowledge the past contributions made by Reg Thorpe, Les Corlett, Lisa Thorpe, Helen Cox, Dr Peter Deutschmann, Anne Garrow, Gary Goldsmith, Dr Wendy Holmes, Tracey Horton, Mary O'Dowd, Coralie Young, Paul Logan, Terri Thorn, Dr Darren Fox, Dr Liz Moore, Dr Niall Quiery, and Anke van der Sterren, as well as 15 peer interviewers. All of these contributions were made possible from the funding made available from the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service, NHMRC and The Burnet Institute. Naomi Priest is supported by a VicHealth research grant, an NHMRC postdoctoral training fellowship (#628897) and an NHMRC Population Health Capacity-Building Program (#236235). Yin Paradies is supported by a University of Melbourne McKenzie Fellowship. Paul Stewart is supported by Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit at The University of Melbourne. Joanne Luke is supported by the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and the Lowitja Institute.