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Culture- and Gender-Specific Implications of Relational and Collective Contexts on Spontaneous Self-Descriptions

Emiko S Kashima, Elizabeth A Hardie, Ryutaro Wakimoto, Yoshihisa Kashima

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology | SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC | Published : 2011


Social contexts that invoke sociality may be more relational in Asian cultures and for women in general but more collective in Anglo-European cultures and for men in general. Study 1 tested this notion by priming Australians and Asians in Australia with four contextual primes: individual, relational (interpersonal), collective (out-group), and control (nonsocial). As predicted, the relational context increased the proportion of social self-descriptions (relational and collective jointly) among Asians and women, whereas the collective context increased it among Australians. Study 2 reexamined the effects of contextual primes by using relational, in-group, and out-group primes with Japanese st..

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