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Audiogenic seizure proneness requires the contribution of two susceptibility loci in mice

M Catharine Jawahar, Carolina I Sari, Yvette M Wilson, Andrew J Lawrence, Thomas Brodnicki, Mark Murphy



Juvenile mice of the DBA/2J strain undergo generalised seizures when exposed to a high-intensity auditory stimulus. Genetic analysis identified three different loci underlying this audiogenic seizure proneness (ASP)-Asp1, Asp2 and Asp3 on chromosomes 12, 4 and 7, respectively. Asp1 is thought to have the strongest influence, and mice with only Asp1 derived from the DBA/2J strain are reported to exhibit ASP. The aim of this study was to characterise more accurately the contributions of the Asp1 and Asp3 loci in ASP using congenic strains. Each congenic strain contains a DBA/2J-derived interval encompassing either Asp1 or Asp3 on a C57BL/6J genetic background. A double congenic C57BL/6J strain..

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