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The effect of selective oestrogen receptor antagonists in an in vitro model of growth plate chondrogenesis

Peter J Simm, Vincenzo C Russo, George A Werther



While oestrogen is recognized to play a key role in regulating growth, particularly in relation to epiphyseal fusion, the mechanisms that mediate its effects are still unclear. We utilized an in vitro model of chondrogenesis, the RCJ3.1C5.18 cell line, to explore the effect of oestrogen on this process. We demonstrated the presence of oestrogen receptors (ER) α and β in these cells, with increased abundance of both receptor sub-types evident as the cells differentiated. ERα localized to the nucleus, suggesting it was signalling by genomic pathways, while ERβ was seen predominantly in the cytoplasm, suggesting it may be utilizing non-genomic signalling. While exogenous oestrogen had no effect..

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