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Specialisation of the Venom Gland Proteome in Predatory Cone Snails Reveals Functional Diversification of the Conotoxin Biosynthetic Pathway

Helena Safavi-Hemami, William A Siero, Dhana G Gorasia, Neil D Young, David MacMillan, Nicholas A Williamson, Anthony W Purcell

Journal of Proteome Research | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2011


Conotoxins, venom peptides from marine cone snails, diversify rapidly as speciation occurs. It has been suggested that each species can synthesize between 1000 and 1900 different toxins with little to no interspecies overlap. Conotoxins exhibit an unprecedented degree of post-translational modifications, the most common one being the formation of disulfide bonds. Despite the great diversity of structurally complex peptides, little is known about the glandular proteins responsible for their biosynthesis and maturation. Here, proteomic interrogations on the Conus venom gland led to the identification of novel glandular proteins of potential importance for toxin synthesis and secretion. A total..

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