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Neoproterozoic aragonite-dolomite seas? Widespread marine dolomite precipitation in Cryogenian reef complexes

Ashleigh VS Hood, Malcolm W Wallace, Russell N Drysdale

Geology | GEOLOGICAL SOC AMER, INC | Published : 2011


The extraordinary abundance of dolomite in the Proterozoic challenges our understanding of Precambrian marine environments. Here we show that synsedimentary marine dolomite precipitation was pervasive within Cryogenian reef complexes from the Adelaide Fold Belt, South Australia. Although these reefs are composed of dolomite, textural evidence indicates an originally aragonitic mineralogy for depositional components, in common with many other Neoproterozoic carbonates. Allochthonous slope debris from the reefs invariably contains both limestone and dolomite clasts, indicating synsedimentary dolomitization in the reefs. We describe several new forms of fibrous marine dolomite cement from the r..

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