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Quantitative comparison of preparation methodologies for x-ray fluorescence microscopy of brain tissue

Simon A James, Damian E Myers, Martin D de Jonge, Stefan Vogt, Chris G Ryan, Brett A Sexton, Pamela Hoobin, David Paterson, Daryl L Howard, Sheridan C Mayo, Matteo Altissimo, Gareth F Moorhead, Stephen W Wilkins



X-ray fluorescence microscopy (XFM) facilitates high-sensitivity quantitative imaging of trace metals at high spatial resolution over large sample areas and can be applied to a diverse range of biological samples. Accurate determination of elemental content from recorded spectra requires proper calibration of the XFM instrument under the relevant operating conditions. Here, we describe the manufacture, characterization, and utilization of multi-element thin-film reference foils for use in calibration of XFM measurements of biological and other specimens. We have used these internal standards to assess the two-dimensional distribution of trace metals in a thin tissue section of a rat hippocam..

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Awarded by US Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to acknowledge Ms. Lisa Cardamone of The Department of Medicine at The Royal Melbourne Hospital for assistance with preparation of samples. This work was supported by funds from the CSIRO OCE Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (SAJ) and the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria through the Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative (DEM). This research was undertaken on the XFM beamline at the Australian Synchrotron and at beamline 2-ID-E at the APS. Use of the APS was supported by the US Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, under Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357.