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Versatile co-expression of graft-protective proteins using 2A-linked cassettes

Nella Fisicaro, Sarah L Londrigan, Jamie L Brady, Evelyn Salvaris, Mark B Nottle, Philip J O'Connell, Simon C Robson, Anthony JF d'Apice, Andrew M Lew, Peter J Cowan

Xenotransplantation | WILEY | Published : 2011


BACKGROUND: Expression of multiple graft-protective proteins targeted to different locations (i.e., intracellular, cell surface, and secreted) has become an increasingly important goal in xenotransplantation. The 2A "ribosome skip" signal is used as a linker to enable transgene co-expression, but some studies have shown that post-translational modification and trafficking of 2A-linked proteins may be adversely affected depending on their position relative to 2A. We tested whether several relevant proteins, subject to a range of processing and localization mechanisms, could be efficiently co-expressed using the 2A system. METHODS: Six expression cassettes were constructed, each containing up ..

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