Book Chapter

Contribution limits: A case for exempting trade union affiliation fees

JC Tham

The Funding of Political Parties: Where Now? | Routledge | Published : 2012


Graeme Orr has rightly de scribed Australian regulation of polit ical finance as being ‘by inter na tional stand ards . . . decidedly laissez faire’.2 With few limits on polit ical con tri bu tions, polit ical par ties and can did ates are largely free to accept money from any source, in any amount. Spending by polit ical par ties and can- did ates also faces little restrictions with no election spending limits, let alone any ban on types of spending, such as polit ical ad vert ising. The key sources of regulation are the various federal, state and territory disclosure schemes, but even then, deficiencies abound with ‘lackadaisical’ disclosure obli ga tions.3.

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