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Phylogenetic relationships of species within the tribe Labiostrongylinea (Nematoda: Cloacinidae) from Australian marsupials based on ribosomal DNA spacer sequence data

Neil B Chilton, Florence Huby-Chilton, Ian Beveridge, Lesley R Smales, Robin B Gasser, Ross H Andrews



Parasitic nematodes of the tribe Labiostrongylinea (Family Cloacinidae) occur in the stomachs of a wide variety of potoroid and macropodid marsupials in Australia, Papua Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The aim of the present study was to infer the evolutionary relationships of the five genera of labiostrongyline nematodes that occur in Australian potoroids and macropodids using sequence data of the nuclear first and second internal transcribed spacers of ribosomal DNA. The phylogenetic analyses resulted in the separation of the Labiostrongylinea into two major groups reflecting coevolution between hosts and parasites. Two nematode species belonging to the genus Potorostrongylus formed a sist..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The Australian Research Council provided financial support for part of the project. We thank Rick Speare, Peter Johnson, Dave Spratt, Peter Woodall, Barry Munday, Rob Brazelle and Shane Middleton for assistance in collecting the materials used in this study. Specimens were collected under permits issued by the Victorian Department of Conservation and Environment (RP-90-155), the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (A756), the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service (T436, T1131), the South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service (E07358) and the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage (G24351).