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Instability-driven interfacial dynamo in protoneutron stars

A Mastrano, A Melatos

MNRAS | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2011


The existence of a tachocline in the Sun has been proven by helioseismology. It is unknown whether a similar shear layer, widely regarded as the seat of magnetic dynamo action, also exists in a protoneutron star. Sudden jumps in magnetic diffusivity η and turbulent vorticity α, for example at the interface between the neutron-finger and convective zones, are known to be capable of enhancing mean-field dynamo effects in a protoneutron star. Here, we apply the well-known, plane-parallel, MacGregor-Charbonneau analysis of the solar interfacial dynamo to the protoneutron star problem and analytically calculate the growth rate under a range of conditions. It is shown that, like the solar dynamo, ..

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