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Comparison of turbulent channel and pipe flows with varying Reynolds number

HCH Ng, JP Monty, N Hutchins, MS Chong, I Marusic



Single normal hot-wire measurements of the streamwise component of velocity were taken in fully developed turbulent channel and pipe flows for matched friction Reynolds numbers ranging from 1,000 ≤ Reτ ≤ 3,000. A total of 27 velocity profile measurements were taken with a systematic variation in the inner-scaled hot-wire sensor length l+ and the hot-wire length-to-diameter ratio (l/d). It was observed that for constant l+ = 22 and l/d ≳ 200, the near-wall peak in turbulence intensity rises with Reynolds number in both channels and pipes. This is in contrast to Hultmark et al. in J Fluid Mech 649:103-113, (2010), who report no growth in the near-wall peak turbulence intensity for pipe flow wi..

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