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Arsenic in a Speleothem from Central China: Stadial-Interstadial Variations and Implications

Houyun Zhou, Alan Greig, Chen-Feng You, Zhihui Lai, Jing Tang, Yanyan Guan, Daoxian Yuan

Environmental Science & Technology | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2011


In a pilot study, arsenic in a stalagmite (SJ3) collected from Central China was measured, and its association with past climate and environment was explored. Most of the SJ3 arsenic concentrations ranged from 120 to 320 ppb with the highest concentrations associated with relatively warm and humid climatic phases and lowest concentrations with cold and dry phases. The SJ3 arsenic record was very similar to the manganese record of SJ3. Variations of arsenic in SJ3 might be controlled by metal oxides of iron, manganese, and aluminum in karst groundwater at the study site, which in turn were closely related with changes in past climate and environment. A considerable proportion of arsenic was i..

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Awarded by Guangdong natural science foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors sincerely thank the editor (D.D.) and four anonymous reviewers for their critical comments which improve the manuscript greatly. Thanks are also due to Mr. Huang Jie and Wu Zheng for their help in sample collection and the ACQUIRE laboratory at the University of Queensland for speleothem arsenic analysis. The research is financially supported by the projects of NNSFC (40973009, 40672120) and the Key project of Guangdong natural science foundation (9251064004000001).