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A new subdivision of the Albian spore-pollen zonation of Australia

Barbara E Wagstaff, Stephen J Gallagher, Jessica K Trainor



The Albian spore-pollen zonation of Australia is used to date terrestrial sequences from Antarctica to New Zealand. A detailed qualitative and quantitative study of the Albian Crybelosporites striatus and Coptospora paradoxa Zones in the Gippsland Basin confirms many of the published zone indicator taxa are reliable. The first and last appearance datums can be further refined quantitatively based on the upward reduction in the abundance of seed fern produced pollen. Three subzones are defined in the C. paradoxa Zone using a combination of presence/absence range and abundance data. These are (from oldest to youngest): the Trilobosporites trioreticulosus, Pilosisporites grandis and Cicatricosi..

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Awarded by ARC

Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Lakes Oil N.L. for providing access to geological data on the wells and some of the samples from Wombat-3. The Department of Primary Industries allowed sampling of the wells and we would particularly like to thank Terry Smith for providing help with accessing the cuttings and core. We would like to thank two anonymous reviewers for their in depth critiques that helped improve the text. ARC Linkage Grant LP0989203 funded this research with industry partners Lakes Oil N.L., Nexus Energy and Geotrack International.