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Compton scattering from the deuteron and extracted neutron polarizabilities.

M Lundin, J-O Adler, M Boland, K Fissum, T Glebe, K Hansen, L Isaksson, O Kaltschmidt, M Karlsson, K Kossert, MI Levchuk, P Lilja, B Lindner, AI L'vov, B Nilsson, DE Oner, C Poech, S Proff, A Sandell, B Schröder Show all

Physical Review Letters | Published : 2003


Differential cross sections for Compton scattering from the deuteron were measured at MAX-Lab for incident photon energies of 55 and 66 MeV at nominal laboratory angles of 45 degrees, 125 degrees, and 135 degrees. Tagged photons were scattered from liquid deuterium and detected in three NaI spectrometers. By comparing the data with theoretical calculations in the framework of a one-boson-exchange potential model, the sum and the difference of the isospin-averaged nucleon polarizabilities, alpha(N)+beta(N)=17.4+/-3.7 and alpha(N)-beta(N)=6.4+/-2.4 (in units of 10(-4) fm(3)), have been determined. By combining the latter with the global-averaged value for alpha(p)-beta(p) and using the predict..

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