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Thermal Tolerance in Widespread and Tropical Drosophila Species: Does Phenotypic Plasticity Increase with Latitude?

Johannes Overgaard, Torsten N Kristensen, Katherine A Mitchell, Ary A Hoffmann

The American Naturalist | UNIV CHICAGO PRESS | Published : 2011


The distribution of insects can often be related to variation in their response to thermal extremes, which in turn may reflect differences in plastic responses or innate variation in resistance. Species with widespread distributions are expected to have evolved higher levels of plasticity than those from restricted tropical areas. This study compares adult thermal limits across five widespread species and five restricted tropical species of Drosophila from eastern Australia and investigates how these limits are affected by developmental acclimation and hardening after controlling for environmental variation and phylogeny. Irrespective of acclimation, cold resistance was higher in the widespr..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank V. Kellermann, L. Rako, J. Shirriffs, and B. van Heerwaarden for helpful assistance in the laboratory, the Australian Research Council and Commonwealth Environmental Research Facilities for financial support through their Discovery and. Laureate Fellowship schemes, and the Danish Research Council for economic support to T.N.K. and J.O.