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Biogeography of Nicotiana section Suaveolentes (Solanaceae) reveals geographical tracks in arid Australia

Pauline Y Ladiges, Claire E Marks, Gareth Nelson



Aim Nicotiana section Suaveolentes is largely endemic to Australia but includes one species endemic to Africa, one to New Caledonia and Tongatupa, and one to the Marquesas Islands in the Pacific. Other sections of Nicotiana are found in the New World. In Australia, Suaveolentes is widespread across the continent, with many taxa adapted to the Eremean zone. We aim to analyse the biogeography of the Australian clade, both to shed light on the evolution of the group and to determine general area relationships that provide insight into the history of the arid-zone biota. Location Mesic and arid regions of continental Australia, the Central-South Pacific and Namibia, Africa. Methods A phylogeny o..

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Funding Acknowledgements

C.M. acknowledges the receipt of an Australian Postgraduate Award, a Hansjorg Eichler Scientific Research Award from the Australian Systematic Botany Society to support fieldwork, and a student travel bursary from the Australian Biological Resources Study. We thank Michael Bayly for editorial assistance.