Journal article

Phenylalanine derived cyanogenic diglucosides from Eucalyptus camphora and their abundances in relation to ontogeny and tissue type

E NEILSON, J Goodger, M Motawia, N Bjarnholt, T Frisch, C Olsen, B Moller, I Woodrow

Phytochemistry | Elsevier Ltd | Published : 2011


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

E.H.N. was supported by the Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment (managed by ANZ Trustees). J.Q.D.G., B.L.M. and I.E.W. were supported by a Grant from the Australian Research Council (Project DP1094530). B.L.M. acknowledges financial support from the Villum Foundation to the Research Centre "Pro-active Plants" and a Research Grant from the Danish Research Council for Independent Research/Technology and Production Sciences E.H.N. acknowledges Metabolomics Australia for advice.