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Platychrysis moestrupii sp nov (Prymnesiophyceae): a new dimorphic, sand-dwelling haptophyte species from southeastern Australia

Brenna Grant, Ross F Waller, Richard Wetherbee



A marine prymnesiophyte, Platychrysis moestrupii sp. nov., is described. Clonal cultures were established from field samples collected during the summer of 2009 from Stewart's Bay, Tasmania, Australia. Cells of P. moestrupii have two distinct morphologies, a motile swimming phase and an adhesive benthic phase. Motile cells are oblong to cylindrical with a posterior rounded protuberance and are 50-65 μm long and 20-25 μm wide. The cells possess two equal to subequal homodynamic flagella and a flexible noncoiling haptonema (8-10 μm long). Benthic cells are irregularly discoid with a diameter of 50-65 μm and are adherent to the substrate. Cells possess scales of two types, both of which are ell..

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