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Myb Controls Intestinal Stem Cell Genes and Self-Renewal

Dane Cheasley, Lloyd Pereira, Sally Lightowler, Elizabeth Vincan, Jordane Malaterre, Robert G Ramsay



Rapid advances have been made in the understanding of how the highly proliferative gastrointestinal tract epithelium is regulated under homeostasis and disease. The identification of putative intestinal stem cell (ISC) genes and the ability to culture ISC capable of generating all four lineages plus the architecture of small intestinal (SI) crypts has been transformative. Here, we show that transcription factor Myb governs ISC gene expression, particularly Lgr5. Lgr5 is associated with cells that have the capacity to generate all cell lineages in SI organoid cultures and colorectal cancer cells, which overexpress Myb. Furthermore, Wnt signaling and Myb cooperate in maximal Lgr5 promoter acti..

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