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MR imaging characteristics of protoplasmic astrocytomas

Kevin L Tay, Alpha Tsui, Pramit M Phal, Katharine J Drummond, Brian M Tress



INTRODUCTION: Protoplasmic astrocytomas are a poorly recognized and uncommon subtype of astrocytoma. While usually categorized with other low-grade gliomas, there is literature to suggest that protoplasmic astrocytomas have differences in biology compared to other gliomas in this group. This paper presents the MR imaging characteristics of a series of eight protoplasmic astrocytomas. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed MR images and histopathology of eight consecutive cases of histologically proven protoplasmic astrocytomas. RESULTS: Patients ranged from 17 to 51 years of age with a 5:3 male to female ratio. The tumors were located in the frontal or temporal lobes and tended to be large, we..

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