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A comparison of the anti-luteolytic activities of recombinant ovine interferon-alpha and -tau in sheep.

MP Green, LD Spate, JA Bixby, AD Ealy, RM Roberts

Biology of Reproduction | Published : 2005


Interferon tau (IFNT) is secreted by the trophectoderm of ruminant conceptuses during the peri-implantation period and serves an anti-luteolytic function. The question as to whether IFNT is superior as an anti-luteolytic agent to closely related Type I IFNs, such as IFN alpha (IFNA), which have a different function, remains unanswered. Thus, the aim of this study was to determine whether equivalent antiviral (AV) units of ovIFNA and ovIFNT are equipotent in extending estrous cycle length. Four distinct ovIFNA mRNA (ovIFNA1-4) were cloned from ovine lymphocytes. Recombinant ovine IFNs (ovIFNT4 and ovIFNA1) were prepared in the yeast Pichia pastoris. The AV activity of the purified IFNs was de..

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