Conference Proceedings

Power management for unattended wireless sensor networks

X Liu, C Leckie, SK Saleem

Proceeding of the Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP 2011) | IEEE Press | Published : 2011


Extending battery life is one of the main challenges in the design of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). To address this challenge, a substantial research effort has been dedicated to the development of so-called energy efficient protocols for the medium-access-control (MAC) and network layers. For example, low duty cycle is a widely-used technique. The other key element in this challenge is the WSN power supply subsystem. The design of this element has been largely overlooked in the literature. Practical WSN applications require low cost power supplies that can essentially act as a reliable current source under varying environmental conditions. This paper suggests a new systematic approach to..

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