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Direct association between pharyngeal viral secretion and host cytokine response in severe pandemic influenza

Raquel Almansa, Andres Anton, Paula Ramirez, Ignacio Martin-Loeches, David Banner, Tomas Pumarola, Luoling Xu, Jesus Blanco, Longsi Ran, Guillermo Lopez-Campos, Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Lorenzo Socias, Ana Loza, David Andaluz, Enrique Maravi, Monica Gordon, Maria C Gallegos, Victoria Fernandez, Cristobal Leon, Pedro Merino Show all

BMC Infectious Diseases | BMC | Published : 2011



Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank also to the Nursery teams who kindly collected the samples and to Lucia Rico and Veronica Iglesias for their precious laboratory assistance. The study was scientifically supported by the Spanish Society for Critical Care Medicine (SEMICYUC). Funding: MICCIN-FIS/JCYL-IECSCYL-SACYL (Spain): Programa de Investigacion Comisionada en Gripe, GR09/0021-EMER07/050-PI081236-RD07/0067. This work was also supported by Grants or Contracts from ATCC/CDC USA, and University Health Network and IDR Canada (DJK).