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Ending the drought: New strategies for improving the flow of affordable, effective antivenoms in Asia and Africa

David J Williams, Jose-Maria Gutierrez, Juan J Calvete, Wolfgang Wuester, Kavi Ratanabanangkoon, Owen Paiva, Nicholas I Brown, Nicholas R Casewell, Robert A Harrison, Paul D Rowley, Mark O'Shea, Simon D Jensen, Kenneth D Winkel, David A Warrell

Journal of Proteomics | ELSEVIER | Published : 2011


The development of snake antivenoms more than a century ago should have heralded effective treatment of the scourge of snakebite envenoming in impoverished, mostly rural populations around the world. That snakebite still exists today, as a widely untreated illness that maims, kills and terrifies men, women and children in vulnerable communities, is a cruel anachronism. Antivenom can be an effective, safe and affordable treatment for snakebites, but apathy, inaction and the politicisation of public health have marginalised both the problem (making snakebite arguably the most neglected of all neglected tropical diseases) and its solution. For lack of any coordinated approach, provision of anti..

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